Mixing Stamping & Masking Tutorial

by Wati Basri

Here's the steps to mix stamping & masking,

step 1 : stamp on a cardstock
step 2 : cut out the inner part of the stamped image

step 3 : next cut out the outer part of the stamped image

step 4 : grab your favourite mist
for me its no other than
Mister Huey's - Sunshine
*u could grab this mist at Scrappin Studio*

step 5 : place the cut image and stick it on your cs
and spay the mist to the cut out image

step 6 : repeat the process

step 7 : mixed the same stamped image
with the masked image

here's the final look of my layout

by Amelia Khalik

Hi everyone. Welcome to my first tutorial. I'm gonna share something simple here. I'm in a phase where i love to have vines on my layout, cards and altered projects. i was experimenting with the wire mesh and happy to share the outcome with u today.

All you need is a wire mesh, scissors and tissue tape. I had my Tim Holtz tape and some that i get from a local florist shop. So here goes..

Step 1 is to cut your wire to a desired length.

Step 2 rolled the tissue tape along the wire, it doesnt have to be neat.

Step 3 twist the tape as tightly as you can

Step 4 get a pen, pencil or any tools. Start twisting it around.

Step 5 cut to your desired length.

Finally you can spray mist, add inks or glitter to the vines.

How to add a "BLINKIE" into your blog?
Instructions for blogger
First choose the blinkie you'd like to add.
Copy the URL by right-clicking the image and selecting "Copy Image URL" 
Next, go to your blogger Design page and choose the tab "Page Element"
Choose "Add a Gadget" (your right or left side bar)
A list pops up, scroll till you see "Picture" and Click '+'
You can choose to leave the Title and/or Caption blank
For "Link", enter "http://www.scrappinstudio.com.my"
For "Image", select "From the Web"
In the box beneath, paste the URL you copied in the first step by pressing CTRL+V or right-click and select "Paste" than ENTER (you should see the animation appear)
Click "Save" and you should now see the new blinkie on your blog!
Instructions for Typepad
Right click on the blinkie
Save it to your computer
Upload it to photobucket
Copy the HTML code on a 'typelist' in typepad
To make the blinkie a link to ScrappinStudio, you can use it as a "Link" type. You use the blinkie html code as the title, and leave the url as www.scrappinstudio.com.my.