January 25, 2011

Vine Tutorial

Hi everyone. Welcome to my first tutorial. I'm gonna share something simple here. I'm in a phase where i love to have vines on my layout, cards and altered projects. i was experimenting with the wire mesh and happy to share the outcome with u today.

All you need is a wire mesh, scissors and tissue tape. I had my Tim Holtz tape and some that i get from a local florist shop. So here goes..

Step 1 is to cut your wire to a desired length.

Step 2 rolled the tissue tape along the wire, it doesnt have to be neat.

Step 3 twist the tape as tightly as you can

Step 4 get a pen, pencil or any tools. Start twisting it around.

Step 5 cut to your desired length.

Finally you can spray mist, add inks or glitter to the vines.

Have fun experimenting...:)

1 comment:

Iris Uy said...

love love this tutorial Amelia! I'll do this one. Thanks!!