February 27, 2011

'Expense Folder' by Amelia Khalik

Happy sunday everyone! I'm back again with another posting. This time i wanted to create something that i could use for my daily routine. Knowing that i am terrible with my own expense filing i decided to do a folder for myself. Now everytime i get my receipt i will have a place to store them before i could actually write it down in a book or in my excel files.

You can have something like this too. It's easy to assemble. I have a lot of pockets to slot in the receipts and vouchers. I did added the stick it post note in case i wanted to jot down or scribble to do notes for later.

Hope you're inspired to create and have fun!


Anonymous said...

i love this idea dear.. :))

Jaime Lee said...

this is a wonderful idea! good job!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Thanks ladies, Yeah i'm not that organised!!! lol...:)))