September 03, 2012

Cards Cards Cards.... by Jaz Lee

Dearest friends,
Today I am sharing with you how easy it is to create cards from the kits. And it is great to to be able to be able to produce so many cards from the kits, and having diferrent flavours and colour theme.

I am amazed I could churm out so many cards from just a few papers and bellies and yes, I had so much fun creating, and looking forward to present these cards to my friends whether is it going to be for birthdays or anniversaries...but I know I will bring smiles on somebody's face soon.

Have a great week ahead.




Cindy Lee said...

Wow!!! Your cards are so gorgeous, Jaz! I love them all!

Bellaidea said...

You did very well! Hey, I`m at my studio again and waiting for some photos from you:)