September 25, 2011

Just Paint

Hi everyone! Iris here again to share with you another layout from the September Kit. One "go to" item for me whenever I work on a project is chipboard - whether it be raw or embellished. One of the things people always ask me about my raw chipboard is how I make it appear textured even with just paint.

It's very sjavascript:void(0)imple actually. Instead of using a paint brush, use a foam applicator. Instead of spreading the paint, apply it with a "Press and lift" motion. You press down the foam to transfer the paint, then lift the foam up to create texture with the paint. Lastly, before it dries, spritz on some glimmer mist. The water from the mist creates small round holes in the paint and then adds shimmer. I love that effect.

Hope you will all have a great weekend!



Bellaidea said...

I did have a great one:)
Thanks for sharing!

Mia Castrillo said...

Thanks for the tip, Iris! Love your layouts!

sandi said...

Wow! Love this! So much neat things to look at. Put together so nicely!