December 29, 2010

Scrappin Studio is Opening Now!!!

After months of research, preparation, excitement, plenty of planning and discussions, finally Scrappin Studio is here! I have never been more happy and proud to see myself making it this far. With help from my other half and with the support from my family and friends, I finally got the guts to 'JUST DO IT'!

In Scrappin Studio, our core feature is the premier Monthly Kits from Studio Calico.

Why Studio Calico? It begins here...

It's all started 2-years ago when I started off as a newbie scrapbooker. I found Studio Calico by chance while I was googling for 'scrapbook' on the internet. Very quickly I browsed through their blog, gallery and member’s site...and then I saw their monthly kits. That was when I instantly fell in love with their kits. I love their monthly kits because it’s so easy, exciting, groovy, and best thing of all, it always contain the latest scrapbook trends and designs. Being a newbie scrapbooker, I needed more inspirations and ideas on my LO, and I found the monthly kits were a source of inspiration and motivation for me. With SC’s talented design team for guidance, very fast I have found myself a style. Every month, without fail I will always look forward to the 14th of each month where SC would sneak preview what would be in their next month’s kit. And even now after two years, I still find myself staying up late at night, waiting in excitement and anticipation, just to have a sneak peek of what's in store for next month.
So when I started planning Scrappin Studio, I knew that I wanted to be able to share SC’s Monthly Kits with more scrapbookers around the world, no matter whether they are newbies or veterans.  I would like to thank April Foster from Studio Calico in giving me the opportunity to bring their lovely kits to this part of the world. 

If you {heart} Studio Calico Kits and you live in Malaysia or a nearby country, I am more than happy to serve you. But do not wonder too long with the kits, it's bound to be a Hot Cake item and I do not keep much stocks. So click here to place your first order now!
I hope to be able to share my joy of scrapping with all of you out there, and I hope that Scrappin Studio will be able to inspire you in many ways. We aim to create a fun and pleasant environment to help our customers create ways to cherish their precious memories by preserving them for lifetimes to come. We love to share, chat, and scrapbook together. So come join us now! Click here to become a member of Scrappin Studio.

As always, your feedback is very important to me to help me develop Scrappin Studio. If you have any suggestions for how we can serve you better or you would like to see more of other products line, please feel free to provide suggestions via email at

I look forward to getting to know you and lets scrapbook together!

Jaime Lee


teacher jessy said...

Congrats on ur new venture & your determination+passion will bring success in the scrapbooking scene in Malaysia ;) All the best to you & ur store!

Chowchow said...

Congratulations on your new store. Glad that we have another store to shop now.

mariam said...

Hi. I found you thru Amelia. Congratulations on your new store. I heart SC. All the best