January 15, 2011

Sneak a Peek on February's Kit

So, sorry, that this should be up by yesterday in the main website. Somehow, the html did not work properly. No worries, I will post here for everyone!! I bet this is the best part of the day to brighten up your day! Have a good weekend!

Introduce to you the Feb' Main Kit.
RRP: RM188
1st Add-on, Licorice Twist
Price will be out soon!
2nd Add-on, Jaw Breaker
Price will be out soon!
3rd Add-on, Pulled Taffy
Price will be out soon!
4th Add-on, Lollipop
Price will be out soon!
Want to hear some good news that I am going to throw in to all of you!! 
In month of Feb 2011, any of you purchase the (1) Main Kit + (1) Add-on you will get a 10% off on the Add-on Kit + free Shipping!! 
The benefits of pre-order, I can pack it once the goods arrival. 
Once after 28th, I can start mailing by 1st - 3rd for those who pre-order! 
How does this sound to you....(lol)

Enjoy viewing...I can understand to some of you. I use to spend an hour looking through and look through to choose my favorite kits :D

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shafarina said...

OMG those ribbons are lovely. And lollipop is a must have!