March 21, 2011

Weekly Challenge with "Sending Love for Japan"

Hi peeps, is time for Weekly Challenge! 
This week I wanted scrap "Sending Love/Prayer for Japan". I am sure everyone have heard about the sad news in Japan. I wanted to take this opportunity to do something for everyone in Japan. I don't know how many of you feel the same way as me, where i always want to help in these types of situation but don't know how to help. Well, now I hope that we will all be able to contribute as 'Global Scrappers' and share our joy of scrapping in helping the world:) 
Well, in the challenge this are a few rules that you may want to take into consideration:-

1. Scrap either a 12x12 or 8.5x11 layout OR a card OR an altered project 
2. It's an option to scrap with picture or without. 
3. Please include a message or a journal for the said topic. 

The challenge will start from: 21 Mar - 3 Apr 2011 (12am EST) 
A lucky winner will of course get to win RM20 Scrappin Studio Gift Voucher.
I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with everyone. For people who take part in this challenge, I have organized with my Japanese scrapping friend Tomoko Takashi about donating our artwork to raise money for our fellow victims in Japan. Tomoko is currently running her own donation campaign together with the Japan Red Cross Society. Please do check on her blog for more info.

Please come along and take on the challenge, this is something very meaningful to do it for yourself or for the sake of helping people that you do not know. Once the challenge end, fellow scrappers that would like to donate your work to Tomoko, there are 2 options. One option you can mail your work to me or you can send direct to Tomoko. For fellow scrappers that post all their work to me, Scrappin Studio will sponsor in the S&H cost to ship all your works to Tomoko, Osaka, Japan. I am trying my vey best to help as well. So, let's view what I have made with this month kit "Into the Woods".

I would appreciate if everyone of you can help me to advertise this message into your own blog and try to get as many people to participate.  

Let's pray for Japan and for its victims, and for Japan to become 'Beautiful Japan' once again!

Sending Love To You
For fellow scrappers that would want to participate in the donation. Please do write to for Scrappin Studio and Tomoko mailing address.
Thank you and looking forward to see what you can creates!!


Anonymous said...

very preety and very thoughtful. :)

Anonymous said...

Fab LO.. with lots of warm and inspiring sentiment. :D

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful gesture! I will help spread the word and will do something for the auction as well.

Amelia Khalik said...

Hey beb..what u did here is totally awesome. It's for a good caused, thanks for sharing..:))

teacher jessy said...

Gorgeous squares on ur layout! I love each square & the details are awesome! Love it to bits!!

Mystical Scrapper said...

This is great! At least i know that my work will be helping to save lives! I feel proud to be in this scapping community with all of you. Will send in my entry soon!

jonaks said...

awesome. will participate of course.

jonaks said...

already posted in my blog the cards I will be sending. off to email you already! thanks!