April 08, 2011

Sending "lurve" to Japan

Hi, peeps...I actually received a few comments and feedback about the posting I host last 2 weeks. Some of you have asked me to extend my shipping date because they have missed out the posting. So, here I would like to inform everyone out there that who would like to share your part. I am going to extend the posting above
8 Apr - 15 Apr 2011
please email your work or post your blog link to Scrappin Studio blog.
Without further delay, Scrappin Studio will ship out the project by 30th April. If you are from Malaysia, you can post direct to Scrappin Studio or do contact me if you want to personally hand it to me (for those who live in KL). For International, I would love to receive your parcel by 29th April (if you would like me to send it on behalf for you). Other wise, do email me I can provide you Tomoko mailing address for your posting to her.

I am very touched and thankful for your help and sympathy.

I have another ANNOUNCEMENT to make. Last week, our winner from the Sunday Sketch was Rosa! She personally called me and asked me whether she can donate her gift voucher as part of the postage to our fellow victims in Japan. I sincerely would like to thank her of being so thoughtful.
Rosa, THANK YOU so much for your generosity!


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