August 25, 2011

'Make your own fabric dye bloom' by Jaime

This month, I have another flower tutorial that I would love to share. I love to make my own flowers for my own embellishment. How about you? I think it is so personal and I think how fabulous that you can make your own flower embellishment.

Let's get started...
You need to get these items prepared before you can start.

*Fabric ribbon length - 1 yard min.*
The bloom we are going to make will be similar like this!
STEP ONE: With the backing cardboard you have cut or punch, roll in some glue dot liner. I prefer glue dot liner because if in the process I don't like the twirl, I can still pull it out and twirl again. Below pictures, you can see how I started twirling along the edge of the 2" backing.

Side View
Bottom View
Front View

STEP TWO: Once you have finished the first round of twirling, you can apply some 3-in-1 Beacon craft glue for the second twirling. Keep going until you reach to the center of the bloom. Once you reach to the center, you need to press it down a while for the glue to set.

STEP THREE: Put it a side for making sure the glue is all dry and flower is all set before we gets our hand and fingers dirty!

Don't you find the bloom does looks like one of Prima's flower :D
STEP FOUR: Open up your zip-lock bag. Spray in your desire color mist. You can mix in a few color or you can stay with just one color. This will be the fun part.

STEP FIVE: You can add in some water if you think it is too thick. Once you are ready and like the color you have mixed into the bag. Throw in the bloom you have just made.

Slowly work your flower fabric into the mist. If you have more mist, then you will
have a soaked bloom. I love the bloom to have not all dye with the same color.
Therefore, after I have worked thru. Here is my end result.
Please view picture below.

STEP SIX: Can you see, when you dye your flower in the bag, you have a very good coverage of mist soaking into the fabrics. You can either leave it as is it or you can follow me, adding more mist to blend in the initial dark color. I prefer to use glimmer mist for my next step to give my flower more glimmer onto the fabric.
Give it a good spray and you will be please with the end result!
Taaa...dah!! Here is the handmade-fabric-bloom after mist and well dry.
I love this BIG bloom, so awesome if you want to make it as a headpiece or
into one of your altered project.
During the process, I made another smaller bloom. This bloom you will
notice that I soaked the fabric into the mist very much.
I added a small crystal embellishment to enhance the whole bloom.
It is lovely too!

I hope you find this tutorial interesting and would love to see your creation someday!

TIPS: What about the left over fabric ribbon? I know it can be too short to start another bloom but not to worry, I will show you what you can create with the left over fabrics. Below pictures, shown I have dyed the ribbons with same color. How do I get the lighter color? Simple! Just add some water into the mist and get it dilute.

Here is what I have created with the left over ribbon! 
Hope you like my second part of tips. Thanks for looking!


Yeong Shong said...

awesome blooms....let's get our hands dirty!!!

teacher jessy said...

Gorgeous blooms & card too!

Amelia Khalik said...

Hey beb tfs an awesome tute!!! You're amazing with those handmade flowers!! Love em so much!!! :)))

sandi said...

Thank you for showing this! I'm going to give it a try. Love what you've created!

Marina said...

Jaime this is so awesome! The blooms you made are gorgeous. I can't wait to try it. Love the cool card too, great idea. I'm so inspired :)

Blossom inch said...

Awesome Jaime, I really like this tutorial so details and very clear...I will try one day ha...