October 08, 2011

Stamping - No Fear!

When I go to crops and I hear a few shrieks ... it's usually about two things.. misting and stamping! Yep, two of my most loved techniques are a scary thing for some. For those who love stamped images but are afraid to do it directly on their pages, I suggest stamping the image on your scrap papers and the cutting it out. Adhere it to your page and you have instantly made for yourself a stamped embellishment. Easy and NO FEAR!:)

I hope you are all having a blast with your kits!:)




Bellaidea said...

I love misting and stamping but still - why so many stamps are never open yet? :)
I like your layout a lot. I`m sure girls will have fun with this kit!

sandi said...

This is simply adorable! Love this!