November 27, 2011

Nov Handmade Mini Album

I am obsess with Mini's!!! It has become obvious to some of my blog readers that i created mini's like how some scrapper creates a card! Some asked how long does it take for me to do one album and the truth is to date my fastest record is 2 hours! It seems once i get started the time just stood still for me.

Anyway i love to share another one created with Nov Handmade Kit with Add On's Tatting & Pin Cushion. Have to say this is one of my personal fav's, oh wait aren't they all my favourite??? lol. I created a lot of pockets for mini tags and make used of all the packaging in the kit. The base of this album is cut from cardboard supplied in the add on kits. 

A total of 10 page. Hope you get to do a Mini with your kit and I'd love to peek! Have a good week ahead. :)))

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