July 29, 2012

Boy Theme Mini Album & Ribbon Tutorial by MK

Hi there, Marina here again with my 3rd Scrappin Studio project. Hope you had a great week, more than half a year is gone and in a matter of months we are closing 2012! Scary how time flies. And scary how fast babies grow too, it feels like only yesterday when my boy was a helpless infant and today he is a demanding toddler! Today I'm sharing a mini album entitled L-U-C-A-S, a tribute to him and this yellow car which he loved. (I say 'loved' because the car has since been replaced by many others and is also, sadly missing a wheel!)

I started by cutting cardstock and papers into 5" x 6" sizes, all are from July's main kit and add on kit: Elmwood Park and Capture the Flag. Then I used remnants of the papers to embellish. The main idea was to spell out L-U-C-A-S so I started with the lettering pages and then decorated behind each with photos etc.

The lettering are achieved by fussy the cutting the letters from this pp:

Basic Grey - PB & J - Thermos
I then used the canvas ribbon (from Capture the Flag kit) as the cover centrepiece....

Below photos are how I decorated each page behind the lettering pages....

Last step - simply punch a hole at the top left corner and use a ring or chain to hold the pages together. Finally here's how the album look like page by page.

Now I'd like to share a simple tutorial on how to make the canvas ribbon bloom. You will need; needle, thread, ribbon with some width, buttons and twine to decorate the centre and some glue dots to adhere the bloom to paper.

  • Step 1: Gather the edge of the ribbon into a fan shape, thicker ribbons are easier to work with, this canvas fabric is perfect!
  • Step 2: Thread a needle and thread through it section by section till you have enough to become a bloom.
  • Step 3: Sew up at the joining section and knot it - this will be the behind.
  • Step 4: Flip to the other side and you're almost done - add finishing touches to the centre with buttons or other embellishments.

Hope you like this album and bloom :) Thanks for dropping by and have a great week ahead!

Marina Khong

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