September 23, 2011

2 in 1 Entry

Hello scrappers, i'm back to share 2 more layouts using my Sept kit Glee Club. The first layout is my personal favorite. One is because of the pictures that says deeper than words could describe, the eye is windows to your soul. Second is because of the white space. I have always admired those who played with space so well and i hope i achieve that here.

The second layout is about my girl, Ally. Do you notice the white mists in the middle of the layout? Yes it is Calico White. My all time fav's too! I decide to go a little funky with the title instead and change pretty to pwetty,  Have fun a little and all is good.

Hope you'll be back here again for more updates from the other designer. Next week i'll be sharing a mini album! Stay tune..:)

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