March 04, 2011

TIPS of the day

Hi, peeps. I thought I would like to share one of my idea of how you could framed up your 12x12 layout. I know you may have a dozens or even a hundreds of layouts that laying around or sitting in the album. I am sure you will have a few of your favorites and would like to show it to others, your guest or for yourself to admire everyday. I would love to frame mine with a simple frame that I bought from IKEA.

Below picture is my latest layout that I did for TheColorRoom#46. I love the color so much that I have to frame it up. Another reason why to frame it up and not just displaying bare naked? If you have art work like mine and showing 3-Dimensional work. You would want to protect it from others touching it and dust free (for sure!). Framing your layout is to ensure that the layout will not be damaged.

I hope you like the idea and thanks for looking.
Here is the detail of the frame you can get from Ikea:
Product dimensions
Width: 52 cm
Depth: 4.5 cm
Height: 52 cm
Picture, width: 50 cm
Picture, height: 50 cm



Amelia Khalik said...

Fab idea beb!!! Tfs...:)))

Jessy Christopher said...

I had one on my craft room wall too! But I like the idea to put it on the table :) so pretty!